Lesleigh of Perth's leading yoga school

Welcome mental and physical peace at Toowoomba's "Premier Yoga School"

Yoga With Lesleigh is a leading Toowoomba yoga school, that has been serving the community since the mid-1980s. Lesleigh is an experienced therapist, who began learning yoga in 1967, and teaching in 1969. The studio's five highly experienced and qualified teachers can help you attain balance of body, mind and spirit. Allow us to help you rediscover your inner and outer health and harmony at our relaxing yoga school in the heart of Toowoomba.

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5.30pm and 7.15pm 
6.15am- 9.30am- 11.30am- 1.15pm - 5.30pm 

6.15am - 5.30pm 
10am - 1pm - 5.30pm - 7.15pm 

Studio: "Lesleigh's Yoga Classes"

We share your passion!

School principal Lesleigh is passionate about healing the community through innovative and effective yoga techniques, and her passion has been burning with loving energy for 50 years. Take advantage of Lesleigh's invaluable breadth of knowledge! Be regenerated and rejuvenated! The five teachers at our yoga school are all accredited Full Teaching Members of the International Yoga Teacher's Association. Some of our specialist areas in yoga therapy include: Traditional Yoga, Specialized Breathing, Body Alignment, Posture, Relaxation, Meditation, Mudras,Yoga for Children, and Jala Neti workshops for sinus and bronchial problems.

Available for Retreats. Corporate sessions and Private Tuition.

What we offer

 We offer:

  • Unique classes for both men and women 
  • Classes to suit all ages, body types and levels of fitness 
  • Special classes for children and pregnant women 
  • Flow Yoga . 
  • Restorative Yoga . 
  • Stillness Classes 
  • Free Meditation Classes

Our yoga school's dedication to the attainment of your health targets is unparalleled in Toowoomba. Yoga with Lesleigh provides the benchmark in yoga diversity, with classes guaranteed to cater for any and all individual needs.